We ARE what we read

What we read shapes who we are.

Readers who love history books understand these ideas: pietas, fides, gravitas, dignitas, constantia.  These virtues were interwoven into the Roman education system.

We read these ideas: Forgotten Gems:Online Liberty Library


Readers who love science fiction understand utopian ideas.

Read the book Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction by Mark Bould. Bould states that “Science fiction and socialism have always had a close relationship. Many science fiction novelists and filmmakers have used the genre to examine explicit or implicit Marxist concerns.”

These are the ideas interwoven into our current culture. Environmentalism replaces Christianity as the new religion of Western Civilization. Human beings are now a cancer on the planet. Earth can only begin to heal when we are removed. These ideologies are embedded in the newest public school science curriculum.